2022 Production of




 By Ann Russell

Directed by Gerard Lee

Susan is angry; placed in a nursing home, she feels trapped, abandoned, powerless and ignored. She has a memory, elusive but persistent. Is it real or not? How can she be sure and what does she do with the rage it generates?

SUSAN – Nursing Home resident                        Helen Roche

KAREN - Susan’s daughter                                  Lorna Quinn

BREEGE - Nursing Home manager                    Deirdre Monaghan

PEGGY - Nursing Home care assistant               Paula Greevy-Lee

ADRIANA - Care Assistant, Brazilian                 Michelle Lucy

Stage Directions                                                  Cate Russell

Script Development                                             Gerard Lee

Design consultant                                                Maree Kearns


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Funded by the Arts Council: Project Funding 2021.

Supported by the Irish Theatre Institute and The New Theatre.

Sincere thanks to Leigh Hussey and Katherine Murphy, Irish Theatre Institute; 

Dr. Hannah Gogarty (RCSI) and

The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland for their advice and support.