Effective Public Speaking

Do you get nervous at the thought of speaking in Public? Do you dread presenting to a large number of work colleagues? Do your knees tremble at the thought of a client presentation looming at the end of the month?

The Russell Academy’s Effective Public Speaking course has been developed with you in mind.


Our carefully developed, practical courses use techniques from the world of professional theatre and performance to improve presentation skills and promote effective communication. You can learn how to look and sound more authoritative and professional. You can develop the range and flexibility of your voice to keep your audience involved and listening to your message.

We advise too on how best to plan and structure your speech in order to engage your audience and make an impact! 

We can also design training programmes for your business or organisation, tailored for your specific needs.

We focus on:

  • Physical awareness and relaxation

  • Body language and gesture

  • Breath control, vocal range and clarity

  • The structure and planning of various types of presentation

  • Management of visual aids and notes

  • Expanding vocabulary

This practical course has you up on your feet, constantly presenting and learning within the dynamics of a group.

Courses take place throughout the year. 

We also have some Saturday courses, for details of upcoming dates contact Ann @ 087 2397859 or





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