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The Tide


‘the story has plenty of intrigue’

‘The plot has a touch of Hitchcock about it, reminiscent of the film Strangers on a Train’

‘Nolan creates moments of clever stagecraft’

- The Irish Independent 


JC ‘his sneer and candid attitude are quite captivating and he is an engaging character’

‘enjoyable and unlikely story’

‘humour and freshness to keep you engaged throughout’

- No More Workhorse


‘An energised Killian Filan as the exuberant JC... jumps right in to Lovett’s humour’

‘Russell works valiantly to bring some pathos and depth, delivering some dry, deadpan humour to offset Filan’s comic fierceness’

‘Lovett’s deliciously wry, wicked humour,’    

- The Arts Review



"A roller coaster ride that's fast, furious and laugh out loud funny...Stupendous good fun. A stellar ensemble...first rate performances."

-Irish Examiner

“…an excellent performance from Ann Russell.”

“Teri Fitzgerald is strong in the role of Denise, an able foil to Russell’s Carol."
"In a word: Brilliant"

- The Red Curtain Review

Taking place in the homely surroundings of the Irish Writers' Centre, this whimsical and tremendously enjoyable two-hander is a journey through Ireland's rich literary past, from Wilde to Yeates, Joyce to Beckett - with several stops in between.  Despite the varied subject matter, human relations are a constant in each vignette, meaning the threat of fragmentation is kept at bay. Akin to having thehighlights of Irish literature prepped, assembled and delivered in an authentic manner, this is the perfect afternoon jaunt and one that truly deserves a large audience.     Bryan O'Hanlon - Metro

A Titter of Wit 


Elysium Nevada
“Thoroughly convincing performances

from all concerned” 
Irish Theatre Magazine

Risk Everything

"Ann Russell as the conniving Carol, a mistress of manipulation and the dynamite at the heart of it all, gives a powerhouse performance".

 "Impressive dynamic ... with Teri Fitzgerald particularly catching the eye, as a young woman trying to put her life back on the tracks after some wild years." 

The Bother with the Brother
“Shrewd direction from Ann Russell –

flows effortlessly on to the stage” Irish Times

“an accessible and jovial take on the

work of our greatest writers” Metro

Audience feedback/ A Titter of Wit!:


“We thoroughly enjoyed the show and fantastic performances.”

“I really enjoyed it very much and had a good laugh”.


“That was legend! I really enjoyed it”.

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