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Whirligig Theatre Company was founded by Ann Russell in 2008. To date we have presented works by Irish Writers 

such as Tara Maria Lovett (The Cut) George Fitzmaurice (The Magic Glasses and the Wonderful Wedding)

and Flann O’Brien (The Bother with the Brother).


Our critically acclaimed show A Titter of Wit, based on the work of Irish Writers and poets, was performed at the

Irish Writers’ Centre in 2011 and 2014 and attracted audiences from all corners of the world. 

Our production of Risk Everything written by award winning Canadian dramatist George F. Walker,

 was performed at The New Theatre in the heart of Dublin’s Temple Bar in July 2015

and was subsequently staged at The Viking Theatre, Clontarf Road, Dublin 3, from 23 May - 11th June 2016. 


Risk Everything

Carol believes that life without risk just isn't worth living!!

 By George F Walker

We are inspired by theatre that deals with the human condition and Risk Everything certainly ticks all the boxes for us.

In Risk Everything, Carol, an incorrigible risk taker, is determined to outwit a homicidal thug out of a sizable sum of money.

To succeed in this plan, she must ensnare her daughter Denise, son-in-law RJ and new boyfriend Michael into her scheme.

George F Walker’s hilarious thriller-cum-dysfunctional-family drama explores how this group of lovable losers struggle

under extreme emotional and physical distress. Reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino and MartinMcDonagh, 

Risk Everything promises a night of theatre that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout!


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