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Since 2006 Ann Russell has designed and facilitated training courses which have developed from her experience as an actor

and director.

It is her passionate belief that the skills she has developed over many years as a theatre professional has value for the wider community. 


An appreciation of the value of drama classes as a personal development tool for adults and children, lead to the creation of a programme of training for drama teachers. This programme has produced professionally qualified specialist teachers who are teaching throughout Ireland and abroad.


The techniques used in training actors and in performance have an obvious value in showing people how they can overcome their fear of speaking in public. The courses and seminars developed by the RA Team have helped individuals from many walks of life develop and enhance their communication skills, introducing them to techniques to overcome anxiety and present themselves and their material

with confidence and authority.


We have worked with many companies too advising them on how they can improve interaction both within their organisations

and with their clients.



The fun and social aspect of Drama for Fun and Adult Scene Study Classes help people improve both their communication skills and their confidence in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. 


You will find further information and testimonials on the Russell Academy website: 

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